How To Rent Luxury Bags

Step 1

Browse our bag collection and place your order on our website

Step 2

Once the host has accepted your order, our courier will pick up the bag from the host's location and deliver it to you the next day.

Please allow us 48 hours for delivery

Step 3

Enjoy your dream bag!
Our courier will collect the bag at the last day of your rental period and deliver back to the Host

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How to Lend Your Bag to Make Extra Income

Step 1

Go to “Become a Host” , set up your account and fill in the required information

Step 2

Describe your bag in details for a better reach including unique authentic markers

Step 3

Upload your bag and our team will review it.

Once it’s approved, you can start making money!

Note: Make sure you take appealing pictures of your bag before upload to ClozEnough

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What is the expected rental income on my bag?

Based on the manufacturer and model, the expected monthly rental income is up to 5% and the annual income is up to 60% of the bag’s current market worth.

What happens if my bag gets damaged by a Guest?

ClozEnough will assist in making the process of getting your repair costs reimbursed in the event of any damage, loss, or theft. The Guest will be required to pay you back for the estimated market worth of the item or replace it if it is broken beyond repair or not returned.

Almost often, our community shows a great deal of respect. Before they may sign any rental agreements, all app users must undergo verification. Our peer-review system assures a reliable and secure community for everyone, and Guests must submit requests for higher-value products based on previous ratings. You should decline a Guest's request to use your item if you feel uncomfortable doing so.

What happens if my bag gets lost/stolen?

The Host should take reasonable precautions to prevent replacement of an Item, including but not limited to the use of unique identification markers, codes and/or devices. In the case that a bag is damaged beyond repair, accidentally lost or stolen in the Guest’s care, the Guest is liable to pay all cost related to replacing the item. ClozEnough will assist in having a third party assess the bag’s current market value and the cost for replacement is fully covered by the Guest. Please refer to the Host Marketplace Agreement for the full terms.