How To Tell If A Chanel Bag Is Authentic

How To Tell If A Chanel Bag Is Authentic

1. The Leather

Lambskin, which should be smooth and feel pleasant to the touch, is the leather of choice for many Chanel bags. The feel and appearance of a fake should be easily distinguishable from the excellent leather used by Chanel. Make sure a lambskin leather bag feels incredibly smooth to the touch when evaluating it. 

Chanel also used caviar skin, a well-known type of pebbled calf leather. This kind of leather is more rough to the touch and has a bouncy appearance. It is a more durable leather than lambskin and is less likely to scratch and mark. Genuine caviar leather should have raised dimples that you can feel with your hands.


2. The CC Lock

The CC lock is one of the most well-known and distinctive elements on Chanel handbags. The original 2.55 lock is square and has no Chanel marking or emblem. If your bag's back has the rectangular lock, it can still be an original Chanel purse because the brand makes bags with both types of locks. The left C overlaps the right C at the top and the right C overlaps the left C at the bottom of the CC lock, which can have raised or flat ends. The curvature of the Cs, the location of extra metal above the lock, and even the design of the interlocking Cs are common minor errors seen in replica locks.

Another element that merits inspection is the lock stem itself. Genuine lock stems are constructed from 24K gold and will remain in good condition even after extensive use. However, replicas typically have a gold coating that will come off after use. Examine the press studs' feel and quality as well. After use, genuine press studs will still look good, unlike reproductions that will peel and fade soon.


3. The Straps Chain

A classic Chanel bag element and an excellent way to identify a fake are the renowned chain and leather straps. While imitation straps frequently lack a link with no leather looped through it, vintage Chanel purses have a link with no leather threaded through it. However, modern Chanel handbags include leather straps that are sewn through each link after being folded back on themselves, so pay special attention to the details.


4. The Zipper

Genuine Chanel handbags use a variety of zippers. These include the éclair zipper, the DMC zipper, the YKK zipper, the three Cs in a circle zipper, the lampo zipper, which is always used on metal teeth, the EP zipper, which typically has a leather pull tag, and the no mark zipper, which is typically found on old Chanel bags.


5. The Bag Shape

Compared to authentic Chanel purses, replica Chanel bags are sometimes made using subpar materials and have a boxy design. Instead of the more square design of genuine bags, watch out for rounded corners on reproductions. This is a clue that the bag wasn't made properly and that the material was of poor quality.

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