Lady Dior Bags: Bridging Princess Diana's Era to Contemporary Elegance

Lady Dior Bags: Bridging Princess Diana's Era to Contemporary Elegance

In September 1995, Lady Diana received a yet-to-be-launched Dior bag as a gift from France's First Lady, marking the beginning of Lady Dior's iconic journey. During an official trip to Argentina in November of the same year, Lady Diana was seen with the bag, cementing its popularity.


A staple for Lady Diana, originally known as the Chouchou bag, was renamed the Lady Dior symbolizing femininity and sophistication. The Lady Dior bag, worn by Elizabeth Debicki as Diana in series five of 'The Crown', signifies her increasing boss woman status. The classic top-handle design is adorned with decorative metal letters spelling out 'Dior', evoking the lucky charms and talismans beloved by Monsieur Christian Dior himself.


The Lady Dior Bag



Many celebrities such as Kris Jenner, Miranda Kerr, and Chiara Ferragni showcase the enduring appeal of the modernized Micro Lady Dior Bag. Since its inception, the Lady Dior has remained a beloved accessory, seamlessly complementing various styles and earning its status as one of the most iconic Dior handbags.


Classic Lady Dior bags have a timeless quilted pattern known as ‘cannage,’ perfect for those who prefer a traditional look. Over the years, Dior has played with a variety of colors and textures, including NEON TWEED and OMBRE PYTHON, giving you plenty of options to match your style. If you love the unique design of Lady Dior, check out the ClozEnough collection. 


Rent Authentic Lady Dior

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