Most Iconic Bags

Most Iconic Bags

What we now refer to as "It" bags did not exist few years ago. Instead, ladies typically only owned one or two handbags that lasted for many years. In addition, the fashions remained relatively constant. The concept of "celebrity fashion" wasn't really a thing back then either, but it's now a significant industry driving factor. 

In this article, we will mention five of the most iconic and beautiful bags to invest in:


1. Louis Vuitton Speedy bag

The Louis Vuitton "Speedy" purse, which was designed for actress Audrey Hepburn, is the definition of iconic. According to legend, Hepburn requested that Vuitton reduce the size of his massive "Keepall" travel bag into something that could be used as a day bag, and as a result, the "Speedy" was created. 

Following Hepburn's endorsement, demand for the style skyrocketed, prompting Louis Vuitton to begin routine manufacture. The "Speedy" is still worn by "It" girls, famous people, and everyday ladies alike. It is one of the brand's few remaining signatures.


2. Chanel 2.55

We credit Mademoiselle Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, a brilliant inventor, for many wonderful fashion innovations that we still use today. Her greatest contribution to handbags was the Chanel "2.55" flap bag, which she designed in 1955 and gave its name after. 

The addition of shoulder straps was the innovation. That's accurate. Women could only pick from top-handle totes, pocketbooks, or clutches before 1955. Even today, one of the most popular Chanel bag designs is the "2.55".


3. Hermes Birkin

You probably already know the story behind the Hermès "Birkin" bag, but just in case, we'll recap it for you. On a flight in 1981, Jane Birkin grabbed the attention of her seatmate, who observed her fumbling with her cumbersome carry-on. 

The person sitting next to her turned out to be none other than Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas, who asked Birkin if she would serve as his muse by suggesting improvements to his carry-all purse. The Hermès "Birkin" bag was introduced three years later and has since become one of the most recognizable status symbols on the planet.


4. Lady Dior

Though the Lady Dior is eternal, the Dior Book Tote and Dior Saddle Bag also have their bright moments. Princess Diana received a classic stitched-leather purse from Dior in 1955, which Bernadette Chirac, the First Lady of France, accessorized with alphabet charms. The purse, which was initially nicknamed "Chouchou," was renamed Lady Dior in her honor. Since then, it has been recreated in a variety of shapes, hues, and materials, even developing into an artistic endeavor.


5. Gucci Jackie

The Gucci Jackie is another designer purse named after a fashion legend. The bag, which was initially released in the 1950s, was given its current moniker in 1961 after Jackie Kennedy, a former US First Lady, started using it. Since then, it has returned twice: in 1999 with Tom Ford as creative director and once more in 2009 with Frida Giannini in charge. For Fall/Winter 2020, Alessandro Michele resurrected the style and offered the slouchy hobo bag in a range of vibrant hues and sizes.


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