Purse-onalized Style: Have You Picked the Right Wedding Party Handbag?

Purse-onalized Style: Have You Picked the Right Wedding Party Handbag?

Whether the occasion calls for a sophisticated black-tie ensemble or a vibrant daytime dress, the role of accessories, especially the carefully chosen wedding guest handbag is as crucial as the gown you select. Much like a pair of elegant heels or a sparkling set of earrings, a well-curated handbag holds the potential to enhance and complete your entire ensemble, adding a touch of finesse to your overall appearance.

Picking out a bag for a wedding guest outfit might not be top of mind, but the truth is, a stylish purse is the secret sauce to bringing it all together. If you're a bit lost on where to start your search, no worries! ClozEnough has got you covered with their favorite handbag picks for every kind of wedding dress code.

As wedding invitations keep rolling in with varying venues and themes, the thought of constantly investing in new outfits can be daunting. The good news? Instead of purchasing a handbag for each occasion, consider the hassle-free option of renting. Here are some fantastic picks for you to explore.


Rent a Chanel Timeless Flap Mini in Champagne for AED 90/day


Many fancy weddings happened at top Dubai hotels. Choosing neutral colors is smart for indoor weddings as it looks classy and matches well. If you're attending a ballroom wedding soon, ClozEnough recommends the Timeless Chanel Flap in Champagne as the perfect handbag to complete your look.


Rent a Chanel Classic Flap Mini in Pink for AED 70/day


The allure of an outdoor wedding is undeniable, especially in the enchanting setting of Dubai. A garden party adorned with the sun-kissed and breezy ambiance distinctive to this city, adds an extra layer of charm and magic to the celebration.

Wearing a flowy dress in pastel hues or nature prints paired with kitten heels effortlessly enhances your outdoor celebration style when you rent ClozEnough's adorable pink Chanel mini.


Rent a Bottega Veneta Nodini in Electric Blue  for AED 35/day


The unforgettable easy-breezy beach vibes in Dubai are a renowned choice for soon-to-be brides and grooms. As wedding guests, we adore the lively atmosphere! Mixing and matching flowy neutral to bright colors adds a fun touch. Consider adding a pop of flair to your neutral or plain outfit with the Bottega Veneta Nodini in electric blue.


Looking to discover additional bags that complement your wedding guest look? Explore our diverse collection at clozenough.com 


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