Shop the Ultimate Sustainable Way: The Allure of Second-Hand Bags

Shop the Ultimate Sustainable Way: The Allure of Second-Hand Bags

Opting for brand-new purchases is the least eco-friendly way to shop. Given the significant environmental impact of fashion waste, it's time to explore more sustainable options for your wardrobe.

Instead of splurging almost AED 36,000 on a new Chanel flap at the store, let’s consider a more Earth-friendly approach!

Why contribute to the Earth's problems with new purchases when you can choose secondhand or rental options? You can acquire a second hand Chanel handbag from a trusted vintage dealer or a private seller. If budget is a concern, you can rent a vintage Chanel bag for special occasions from ClozEnough.

Is a Vintage Chanel Bag Worth It? 

Embracing the vintage trend allows you to join the stylish movement with a timeless accessory like a Chanel designer bag. A well-maintained vintage handbag often provides better value for money compared to a brand-new boutique item. Plus, there's something special about owning a rare item with a unique history.

Where to Find Vintage Chanel Bags? 

Numerous secondhand marketplaces offer vintage Chanel bags, with eBay standing out as one of the broadest choices. However, be mindful of customs fees in your country and do not forget to verify authenticity and consider the cost implications. For a trial before committing to a purchase, you can explore rentals at ClozEnough for vintage Chanel bags in a more affordable and sustainable way. By doing so, you consider yourself joining a circular fashion movement.

Chanel bags age like fine wine, gaining value over time. Here are some recommended vintage Chanel bags available for rent:

Chanel Red Mademoiselle Bowling Matelasse Bag at AED 70/Day


Chanel Timeless Brown Vintage Large at AED 90/Day


Chanel Rabat Logo CC Caviar Leather at AED 50/Day



ClozEnough is a digital platform that connects hosts and guests for a unique luxury bag sharing experience. 

We aim to create a trustworthy connection with bag owners who are willing to invest in their bags and make them available for rent in order to earn additional passive income.

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