Sustainable Luxury Bags

Sustainable Luxury Bags

"We desire bags that don't harm the environment." 

Luxury bags are an investment, as you've probably heard, but in actuality, many designer handbags aren't so fantastic for people, the environment, and animals. So, if your investment has a detrimental influence on our world and its inhabitants, is it really worth it? 

The good news is that there are increasingly more ethical and ecological accessory manufacturers making high-quality, stunning, timeless pieces.


1. Mashu

Mashu is a British handbag-focused sustainable and vegan accessory brand. Mashu has a "Good" environmental rating since its exterior is constructed of vegan leather substitutes, and its inner are lined with vegan suede produced from recycled polyester, so you'll never have to compromise your principles for fashion again. We adore the Calliope's structure and plated brass wiggling handle, which give the bag a distinctive appearance.


 2. Raven + Lily

Local female craftsmen that make handcrafted jewelry, purses, and household goods are supported by Raven + Lily. The goods of this US company empower communities by providing fair pay, access to healthcare, and quality education. Raven + Lily's Liya Tote, made by hand in Ethiopia from eco-friendly fabrics, harkens back to the soft shoulder bags of the 1970s.


3. O My Bag

O My Bag creates vintage-inspired, tough-chic bags using high-quality, eco-friendly materials. It combines style and responsibility. Additionally, the Dutch brand uses non-toxic, low effect colours in its products. The Bobbi is a timeless bucket bag made of leather with a heat-pressed croco pattern that gives each bag a distinctive pattern.



4. Matt & Nat

The names Matt and Nat stand for "Mat(t)erial + Nature." They are a wholly vegan company that uses cork and rubber instead of cork and plastic and lines their bags with fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. They also substitute polyurethane vegan leather for PVC or animal leather, just like Angela Roi.


5. Kayu

Handcrafted bags, hats, and accessories. KAYU commits to using natural materials such as straw, wood, and shells. It also partners with local artisans in the Philippines to produce its products. The Livia clutch features sustainable straw and wooden ball clasps to combine sophistication and simplicity.



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