The Investment Appeal of Hermes Birkin Bags

The Investment Appeal of Hermes Birkin Bags

Some products, like Hermes Birkin bags, increase in value over time and are considered valuable investments. Let's explore why Birkin bags are so expensive by delving into their history.

In the early 1980s, Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas, seated next to actress Jane Birkin on a flight, realized her need for a secure and spacious handbag. He sketched the first design for the Birkin bag on a sickbag, featuring a roomy interior, two handles, a flap top, and a turn-lock closure. Production began in 1984, named after the actress who inspired it.

So, why are Birkin bags so expensive? There are several reasons:

Handcrafted Production Process

Hermes maintains a meticulous, handcrafted production process since its founding in 1837. Every Birkin bag is handmade by master artisans, taking several days to complete, ensuring durability through rigorous testing.


High-Quality and Rare Materials

Hermes uses expensive materials like crocodile skin, known for its rarity and cost. Standard leathers include Box Calf, Clemence, Epsom, and Togo. Some bags feature Barenia leather, the most expensive and rare. Diamond encrusting and white gold hardware also elevate the value.


Limited Production Numbers

Birkins are not mass-produced, and limited editions are released in small numbers each year. The combination of limited availability and high demand contributes to their exclusivity and high price.


Solid Investment

Birkin bags are considered a solid investment, consistently increasing in value. In 2023, their value rose by 8-10%, and the resale value has surged by over 500% since the 1980s. They are highly sought-after, making them a profitable investment.


Additionally, there's an option to experience the luxury of a Birkin without the hefty price tag. Platforms like ClozEnough offer Birkin bags for daily rental at a fraction of the cost, providing an alternative for those who want to enjoy the luxury without committing to a full purchase. You can also invest in Birkin and become a Host. This allows individuals to participate in the fashion revolution and treat Birkin bags as investment pieces rather than just fashion accessories.


Rent Authentic Hermes Birkin

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