Hosting Tips 101: How To Get The Perfect Shot of Your Designer Bags

"A quick guide to make your designer bags look attractive." 

Handbags may seem easy to photograph, however it is also a bit tricky. Learn more about these pro tips to help attract potential guests:

  • Cleaning is a must

Based on the textile of your bags, using a microfiber cloth can be really good at getting rid of dust. Repeat the process on the inside of your bag to ensure that the bags are at their peak of cleanliness.

  • Get the stuffing right

It will be easiest to take photos of your bag(s) if they are standing up, so it’s important to show the bag’s form without making it look too stuffed or too empty. You have a variety of options such as tissue paper, newspaper and bubble wrap, which will make your bag look shapely and attractive.

  • Use a clear background 

In general, a plain white background looks best. You can even create your own backdrop using items from around the house, such as bedsheets! If you want to play around with the colors, you can also use other neutral colors to make your bags stand out!

  • Lighting is important 

You should avoid harsh or direct lighting which can cause unsightly shadows. Natural daylight is fantastic if used correctly or you can use other options, by using lighting. The trick is to arrange the lights at the same level as your product. 

  • Capture the details 

Be sure you capture details about the interior of the bag and special features of your bags. Don’t forget to take close up detail shots for the material used and the serial number to ensure the authenticity. 

Ready to take photos of your designer bags? because photography is crucial to convince the guests and these tips and tricks will ensure the authenticity, condition, rarity, style, color, and more to ensure you’re getting the best possible price for your bag.


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