Hosting Tips 101: How To Make Your Listing Stand Out

"In comparison to other bags, those that appeal to potential buyers in the market are probably more likely to rent rapidly." 

Buyers prioritize the specifics of the bag more in order to seal possible purchases, much how marketing teams in the fashion sector place more focus on content to capture audience attention.
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What is the first step? It's crucial for renters to confirm the item is legitimate when renting luxury products online.

  • Logo and hardware:

Capture a clear, straight-on photograph of the logo that is labeled on the handbag. Don’t forget the small, but important details such as the zipper and hardware. Make sure that the images are focused and bright enough to read any small inscriptions!

  • Serial number, date code or Hologram sticker

Displaying the special code for your bag will provide customers the assurance they need to rent from you. The majority of these codes are hidden away, usually towards the bottom of the bag or in a deep interior pocket. Missing your code? You can find your bag by calling the shop where you bought it, which will be able to assist you.

Do you still have the tags, dust bag or box for your bag? Include it in your photos and mention it in the description.

  • Bag condition

Don't forget to show any damage to your bag in the photographs and the text. 

  • Bag name description

Don’t forget to mention your bag’s name and describe it bag to your potential renters! Here’s a sample to guide you through:

       Chanel 19 WOC

“Crafted in absolutely beautiful black lambskin leather with a a mix of silver, gold and ruthenium hardware that will match all your accessories.Can be worn handle, shoulder or cross”

  • Brand photo checklist

While each brand has its own standard for verification features, we can look to some of our top brands to see what photos should be included when showcasing your item’s authenticity:

  • Foil Logo Stamp
  • Serial Hologram Sticker
  • Zipper back
  • Quilt pattern and Stitching
  • Hardware/screws
  • Authenticity Card
  • Heat stamp (made in tag)
  • Serial/Datecode (usually embossed on a tag or to the lining)
  • Hardware/screws
  • Base of handle (for stitching)
  • Tag with GUCCI stamp
  • Serial number (located behind the tag)
  • Material/fabric tag if applicable
  • Zipper Back
  • Clean Stitching
  • Take appealing pictures

Take eye-catching and prosperous photos of your bag to make it stand out from the competition. You can also show some outfit inspiration to stand out and show how your bag can be worn.


ClozEnough is a digital platform that connects hosts and guests for a unique luxury bag sharing experience. 

We aim to create a trustworthy connection with bag owners who are willing to invest in their bags and make them available for rent in order to earn additional passive income.

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