The Founder

Meet Nadine, the visionary behind ClozEnough. As a loving mother of two, Nadine's passion for sustainable fashion stems from her deep commitment to creating a better world. Her journey began in Dubai, where she observed a growing love for fashion alongside a rising concern for the environment. This intersection sparked the idea that would evolve into ClozEnough.

Visionary Roots: Nadine's Journey to ClozEnough

Applying Financial Wisdom to Fashion

Nadine isn't your typical fashion entrepreneur. With a bachelor's degree in Finance, an MBA from the American University of Beirut, and the prestigious CFA charter under her belt, she brings a wealth of financial expertise to the forefront. Her journey includes a tenure in corporate banking, where she refined her financial acumen. From a young age, Nadine understood the value of money and investments, recognizing how small spending decisions can lead to significant savings and financial independence.

Alongside financial acumen, what truly sets Nadine apart is her profound commitment to sustainability, coupled with ethical and environmental considerations. Being conscious of the impact of our choices on the planet has played a crucial role in shaping Nadine’s perspectives, guiding decisions toward sustainability and responsible consumption.

Fashion: Catalyst for Change

ClozEnough was born from Nadine's desire to merge financial wisdom with environmental consciousness, driven by her commitment to sustainability and ethical consumption. She envisioned a platform where sustainable fashion could be both accessible and affordable, catering to individuals who value style and the planet alike. Recognizing the environmental impact of fashion, Nadine saw an opportunity to address this while making a meaningful difference in the lives of consumers.

In her immersion into the fashion scene, particularly among the women of Dubai, Nadine observed a strong passion for looking stylish at every event, often paired with a love for matching bags. Through this exploration, she came to understand the power of merging personal desires with a mindful approach to fashion.

With her boys growing alongside her aspirations for a better world, Nadine is acutely aware of the urgency to address environmental challenges, particularly the detrimental impact of fast fashion. ClozEnough emerges as her avenue to leave a positive imprint as a mother. It represents a fusion of intelligent financial decisions with environmental stewardship—a space where looking good converges with building a better world for our children.

Fashion: Tool for Empowerment

Driven by her desire to empower individuals, Nadine is revolutionizing the concept of fashion as a tool for empowerment as well. Through ClozEnough, Nadine has created a unique space where fashion choices become a pathway to financial independence for both Hosts and Guests.

For Hosts: ClozEnough offers an opportunity to unlock the value of their unused treasures, transforming them into valuable assets. Leveraging innovative technology, Nadine enables entrepreneurship among Hosts, providing a platform to kickstart their journey towards financial independence and early retirement. By earning passive income through ClozEnough, Hosts not only rejuvenate cherished bags but also prevent them from gathering dust, breathing new life into their possessions.

For Guests: Nadine understands the prohibitive cost of luxury bags and the hesitancy to invest in items worn infrequently. She envisioned a budget-friendly solution, empowering Guests to indulge in fashion freedom without the hefty price tag. With a curated selection of high-quality bags available for rent, Guests can effortlessly mix and match outfits, elevating their style without compromising their financial goals.

Revolutionizing Fashion Rental

Drawing inspiration from the successful sharing economy models of industry giants like "Airbnb," "Uber," and "Careem," Nadine envisioned ClozEnough as a dual-role platform where Hosts could lend their luxury bags, and Guests could rent them. This pioneering approach aimed to redefine the fashion landscape, transforming "Fashion" into "Sustainable Fashion." With the mantra, "If it's for occasional wear, just rent it," Nadine laid the foundation for the introduction of Circular Fashion Practices within ClozEnough. This bold declaration challenged the traditional concept of ownership and advocated for a shift towards experiential luxury.

The Heart behind the Name 

For Nadine, the name holds a special significance. It embodies a profound realization that the true magic of sharing emerges when you're "close enough" to one another. Through her experiences, Nadine discovered that genuine connections foster a willingness to borrow or lend, creating a sense of closeness within the fashion community. And so, ClozEnough was born! For Nadine, ClozEnough is a reflection of her belief in the power of relationships and the joy of sharing luxury experiences. The name serves as a reminder of the importance of proximity, where bonds are strengthened, trust is nurtured, and generosity thrives.

Nadine the Host: A Transformative Journey

As the driving force behind ClozEnough, Nadine wears many hats, including that of a dedicated Host. As a Host on ClozEnough, Nadine leads by example, demonstrating how small actions can lead to significant change. She encourages others to join her in embracing Circular Fashion Practices, challenging traditional notions of ownership and inspiring a shift towards experiential luxury. Nadine's vision extends beyond transactions to fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility. 

Join Nadine on this transformative journey as she continues to pioneer sustainable fashion and shape a more conscious future for us all.

Our Vision

We are not just a digital wardrobe for designer bags, we are a diverse self-
sustaining community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make every woman feel unique and at her best every day, whether through earning a return on her fashion investment, or having access to fashion at affordable prices and without the commitment of making a purchase.

The "Airbnb" of Authentic Luxury Bags

At ClozEnough, we aim to become the premier platform for rental of luxury items. We bring value to our customers by offering opportunities for fashion entrepreneurs to launch and expand their businesses with luxury bag rentals, making high-end brands accessible to a wider audience, and advocating for sustainability by reducing the fast fashion industry's environmental impact.

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ClozEnough is at the forefront of supporting circular fashion by making a dedicated commitment to eco-friendly packaging for delivery. This sustainable approach aligns with our mission to revolutionize the fashion industry and reduce its ecological impact.

Our choice of biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials not only ensures that your rental experience reaches you in an eco-conscious manner but also encourages the reuse and repurposing of packaging materials, contributing to a circular economy. By championing such practices, ClozEnough is taking a proactive role in reducing waste and promoting environmental responsibility, demonstrating that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable.We believe that every step, from the way they are packaged and delivered, can make a difference in the journey toward a more circular and eco-friendly fashion industry.