Seller’s Terms and Conditions

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Changes to Seller Terms

These terms may be modified at any time, effective immediately upon posting. Continued use of the website implies acceptance of the revised terms. Check this page periodically for updates.

Role and Responsibility of ClozEnough Users

Users acknowledge that ClozEnough is solely an inter-mediation platform between Users. ClozEnough does not resell Products and does not take ownership of them.

Contractual Disclaimers

ClozEnough is not a party to any sale contract. The platform disclaims liability for any contract and its consequences. ClozEnough's examination of Products is limited to ensuring alignment with the Seller's provided description.

Sale of Products

By creating a Product Page, the Seller grants ClozEnough the authority to publish, modify photographs, accept orders, and handle payments.

Sellers are responsible for truthful descriptions. Product Pages are subject to ClozEnough's review and acceptance.

The Seller’s Commitments and Obligations

Sellers commit to selling Products they own, guaranteeing compliance with descriptions, and ensuring non-counterfeit status. Prohibited items may result in profile deletion. 

Submitted Content

ClozEnough does not claim ownership of materials submitted by sellers. Sellers must adhere to guidelines when submitting images and materials.

Commission Fee

Sellers agree to pay a commission fee of 15% for the service provided by ClozEnough.


ClozEnough determines the Estimated Retail Price and the Selling Price based on the seller’s recommendation.

Consignment Period

Sellers can remove their bags from the listings, provided they give ClozEnough a 5-day notice before the actual removal date.

Payment to the Seller

Sellers can request payment once the sale is confirmed and the return and cooling period is over. Payments are processed on designated dates each month. ClozEnough may withhold payment in case of a claim.

 Promotions and Codes

Sellers can apply a promotion/coupon/voucher code, and the discount will be deducted from their total payout.


Products are shipped directly by the Seller. Sellers are responsible for adhering to delivery time frames. Products remain the Seller's until full payment. Risk transfers to the Buyer upon receipt.

Products will be shipped 10 days after the payment is completed.

Claims and Returns

Sellers ensure transparent practices and adhere to specified return conditions for non-receipt, late delivery, or nonconformity, ensuring fair resolutions. Provisions for non-receipt, late delivery, and non-conformity specified. Cooling-off period of seven (7) days for purchases from Professional Sellers.